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MS: Alex Coburn by LuckyLaundry MS: Alex Coburn by LuckyLaundry

Name: Alexander 'Alex' Coburn
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185lbs

Personality: Alex is easy-going, wants to know where the fun's at, and a flirty playboy. He's all about a good time, and has no problem living life how he wanted it. He is a restless spirit and can't be bothered to be tied down by commitments and settling down, and he always felt like he needed to be on the move.

The young Coburn boy was born into a large and talented familyin Texas. He grew up learning all about music mainly from his grandfather who spoke of his great grandfather who was a well known country singer, which he received his gold ring as a keepsake of the family...but that was when Alex would get old enough to wear it. Years went by and Alex found out that he too possessed the talent of song. His father had owned a local bar in the area and they had used the stage to their advantage to let Alex get attuned with his gift, despite him being so young and with that certain crowd. The boy grew up learning all the things his parents had taught him, learning how to shoot a gun, how to mix some drinks and dance among other things. And then a significant thing happened in his life when he was 14 years old, where Alex met Madele, his angelus. It was a rough start, but the two of them grew attached to each other, teaching and learning from one another as well.

Alex soon entered high school and that's when his singing talent had start to blossom, making a small garage band as well up until he graduated. He continued on wards trying to make music a career, becoming a starving artist. Alex soon moved out and is now a single bachelor working at a cafe as a barista during the morning and working at his father's bar at night. And anything between he was with Madele fighting the baddies >:3

Magical Name: Super Soldier Scarlet Song
Color: Scarlet
Quote: "Song of Sirens, Shatter!"
Stellar Power: 1

Heart Gem:
Alex's heart gem is set in a golden ring that had belonged to his great grandfather whom he looked up to despite the two never meeting.

Angelus: Madele the Red Hawk
→Angelus Bio: Madele was a beautiful and terrifying bird beast on the planet of Angellion, she enjoyed the lifestyle of being a hermit, making her home in a vast valley on the planet's surface. The sky, the sun, the open space was all that she lived for, along with being able to sing to her heart's content. Not only was her appearance and size monstrous to the human eye, but her mere voice in a song would echo through the canyons and forests, shaking the ground as she would fly over her realm. But those peaceful days were taken away in the instant Angellion was attacked. Madele fought in vain, defending her home fiercely, creating a turbulent storm of wind and ear-shattering sound until she was gravely wounded in battle. Then she had no choice but to retreat, as much as she dreaded it, she was sent off along with other comrades to the far corners of the galaxy, her weary body sleeping until she had touched down on Earth.

→Encounter: The confused angelus had awoken in the false body and form of a red hawk, which sent panic through the once majestic beast. She cried out, but her voice and powers were sapped, as she now took on the characteristics of a common raptor. Her wings made it so that she could still fly, but she was weakened as she made her way out of her pod, which landed near by a lively bar. It was noisy and was unbearable until she heard a gem within the noise. Even when her wings couldn't move, she listened and strained to pick up where this lovely voice was coming from. And in the bar, there was a young boy of 14 years old, singing at the stage of his father's bar. When his song was done, the voice that once calmed her was now gone, becoming attached to it in an instant and panicked when it wasn't there. She cried and shrieked in the voice of her hawk form, hoping that anyone would hear her and take her to that voice she wanted to hear again. Madele did her best to try and at least perch on the open window of the bar, but it was no use. Since Alex was done with his song, his father sent him out to see if there were any coyotes messing with the fence nearby, but what he found was the injured Angelus. At first the boy was shocked when he heard Madele speak out to him in a human voice, but through a whole lot of convincing, the two of them had started to warm up to each other, especially after the boy accepted to sing for the hawk at her request. And that's when Madele found the potential in the boy and in his voice, as she grew fond of it even more as it reminded her of her past voice. Then the transaction happened, as she found where the boy's heart lied and shared their heart into his great grandfather's gold ring.

→Present: Madele had loyally stuck by Alex throughout the years, aiding him in battle and in daily life if she chose to step in and help the boy, but now he was a young adult. Her voice was nothing compared to what she had in the past, but with the help of Alex's voice, he had helped tuned her chords into something that she could work with. One day Alex wishes to help Madele become strong enough to regain her true form, knowing just how much she would love that to happen if it were possible.

Weapon: Double-Pistols
→Name: Shock & Shatter
→Description: Alex's guns are granted the power to send out short bursts of sound waves, that would translated to something basic like, "sound bullets". Shatter being the gun that would send out the sound bullets, while Shock would send out the wind bullets, that released short bursts of destructive air.

Alex's guns can fire off wind and sound bullets, that look like a scarlet blur when they are shot off.
✄→Name: tba
✄→Description: tba

Relationships: none yet.
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